Translation into French and Luxembourgish

I have been exposed to many languages over the years; however, as a respectable translator, I translate exclusively into my native languages, French and Luxembourgish, ensuring maximum accuracy. This results in high-quality texts for you, crafted according to the finest subtleties of the language.

I can translate your documents written in English, German and Spanish into both French and Luxembourgish. Naturally, I can translate between French and Luxembourgish as well.

Fields of Expertise

The quality of a translation is dependent upon the translator's mastery of both the original and the target language, but also on his knowledge of the subject at hand.

My many years of experience as a translator have allowed me to become acquainted with a wide range of sectors and their specific terminology and you can trust that I will be up-to-date on the complexities of your industry. Some of the fields I have worked in include:

Administration (correspondence, e-mails, invitations, reports, questionnaires and surveys, press releases...)

Environment (renewable energy, energy policy, recycling…)

Human and social sciences (education, music, pedagogy...)

Industry and technology (audio-visual materials, technical documentation, telecommunications, multimedia, ...)

IT (online documentation, websites, software, ...)

Marketing and advertising (ads, e-mails, flyers, press releases, press materials, promotional brochures, newsletters...)

Medicine (leaflets, studies, questionnaires, patient brochures...)

Natural sciences (biology, pharmacy, nutrition...)

Politics (European Union, European and international organizations, cooperation and development, international, national and communal politics...)

Subtitling (movies, interviews, commercial videos, awareness campaigns...)

Editing in French and Luxembourgish

Have you written an article, a brochure, a letter, a speech, a text, or the content of your website in French or Luxembourgish? Do you need someone to read it through and correct it before you publish it? A pair of fresh eyes on your text guarantees quality by avoiding incorrect spelling, poor grammar and stylistic lapses.

As a professional French and Luxembourgish translator, I have in-depth knowledge about the intricacies of these languages. Contact me!